The Georgia Voice
December 21, 2012

When Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed called Lee Schreter on Dec. 11 to tell her was announcing publicly his support of marriage equality, she whooped out loud. “And I had a smile pasted on my face the rest of the day,” she recalled. Schreter first met Reed about 15 years ago when Reed began working as a new attorney at the same firm where she was a partner. Over the years, Reed became close friends with Schreter and her partner, De Linda Bunnell, who have been together 31 years and were married last year in New York. Reed credits Schreter with being perhaps the most influential person in his recent decision to support marriage equality rather than just civil unions. “Kasim has been a good friend and I recognize people move along in their own process,” Schreter said. “I always believed Kasim would get to the right place on this.” Last year, Schreter and Bunnell traveled to New York for a legal marriage in a church.