September 4, 2013

To paraphrase noted American heterosexual Will Smith, sometimes parents just don’t understand. That certainly seems to be the case in Russia these days, where 24 year-old LGBT activist Dmitry Isakov stands to be the first person convicted under the country’s anti-gay propaganda law.

Isakov staged a one-man protest in Kazan on July 30, holding a sign that read, “Being gay and loving gays is normal. Beating gays and killing gays is a crime!” According to Pink News, Isakov’s parents helped police arrest their son at the demonstration, with his father holding him down and his mother taking the sign out of his hands.

More recently, a Russian teen named Erik Fedoseyev filed charges against Isakov after seeing pictures of the protest on the internet. Fedoseyev’s father, who’s wife left him for another woman, forced him to file the complaint. If convicted, Isakov faces up to $150 in fines.