August 12, 2013

The phone app Quist, which provides educational LGBT history, launched only two weeks ago for iOS and Android but has already been downloaded 10,000 times in over 50 countries.

Sarah Prager, the owner of Quist, received a message when she attempted to update the free app’s Apple store description.

The message stated, “The following is not recommended for use in this field: bisexual. Your app may be rejected if you use this term.”

Sarah Prager did not contact Apple directly, but told BuzzFeed she is confident the company will correct the oversight:

I just got the warning message this morning and posted the screenshot to my personal Facebook. I immediately got suggestions to start a petition so I did. I’m pretty confident Apple will correct this oversight as soon as they are made aware of it, but I don’t have any way of getting their attention besides this. I didn’t trust that my one email to a generic email address would be noticed. Apple did not reject or remove any of Quist’s content, but just having “bisexual” be a flagged word sends a terrible message.

A petition has been created urging Apple to stop flagging the term “bisexual.” The petition reads, “Apple, ‘bisexual’ is not a dirty word. It is the identity of millions of people. “