September 11, 2012
A pornographic would-be campaign mailer of mysterious origins represents the latest in a series of antigay attacks against the New York state Republican senators who voted for the marriage equality bill and are seeking re-election in contests considered crucial to the growing national momentum for the issue. Politico first reported on the piece circulated by e-mail that accuses Senator Mark Grisanti of being a “political whore” for accepting “over $750,000” in contributions from marriage equality advocates. The mailer asks, “How far will a politician go to get in your pants?” and says, “Make sure your Son (sic) says, ‘Thank you, Mark Grisanti” in a suggestion of reciprocation. No one in the Buffalo district represented by Grisanti has reported receiving the piece by land mail, but the e-mailed piece says it was paid for by the “Committee to Save the Erie County Republican Party.” Buzzfeed, which posted the graphic mailer, identified the sole member of the “committee” as Matthew Ricchiazzi, a failed local mayoral candidate. The images used in the mailer were attributed to gay porn studio Corbin Fisher.