Washington Post
September 12, 2013

States and nonprofits are already pouring billions of dollars into efforts to enroll millions of uninsured Americans into Obamacare’s new programs.

On Thursday, another group will throw its hat in the ring: Out 2 Enroll will launch with a lunch event at the White House as the first national Obamacare outreach campaign to focus exclusively on the LGBT community.

“This isn’t, ‘Oh, let’s put a rainbow on it,’” says Kellan Baker, associate director for the LGBT Research and Communications Project at the Center for American Progress, one of the campaign’s funders. “What we’ve seen from our research, and our experience in the LGBT community, is that there are serious issues that we’re going to need to address.”

The LGBT community is more likely to lack health insurance coverage than heterosexuals. Particularly, Baker thinks that reaching the LGBT community will be a tougher sell–and one that requires more targeted messaging than other outreach campaigns will be able to provide.