Washington Blade
December 3, 2012
More than a dozen people gathered outside the Ugandan embassy in Northwest D.C. on Saturday to protest the African country’s so-called “Kill the Gays” bill. Members of the Maryland Light Brigade, which placed illuminated signs in support of last month’s referendum that upheld the state’s same-sex marriage law on interstate overpasses, organized the protest. They held lighted black panels along the sidewalk in front of the 16th Street, N.W., compound that read “Reject Ugandan Homophobia.” Several motorists honked their horns in support of the protesters as they drove past the embassy. “Those lawmakers are better than what they’re doing,” D.C. resident Moses Shaba, who is originally from Uganda, told the Washington Blade. “They are absolutely better than what they’re doing. I am so surprised to see that they are going on with this bill and the kind of articles and provisions that are in that bill because in the long run when this bill if it’s passed they will see their friends, their kids, their daughters, their brothers all going to jail. That’s how bad it is.”