Pink News
August 19, 2013

When the Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament promised to pass the country’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill as a “Christmas gift” late last year, the world held its breath. But since then, Rebecca Kadaga has been largely quiet with her threats.

The bill was first introduced in 2009 by MP David Bahati, but has yet to gain parliamentary approval.

It specifies long jail sentences for those convicted of same-sex sexual acts and in certain cases has suggested the death penalty.

Ugandan gay rights campaigner Marvin Kibuuka told that one possible reason for Ms Kadaga’s lower profile in 2013 is because she has faced criticism from some within Uganda’s government who are concerned the bill poses a threat to international aid donations.

Mr Kibuuka said: ”When the speaker, Rebecca Kadaga, went to Canada in October 2012 and came back to Uganda everybody thought she was going to pass the bill at the time, but at the same time the government was trying to draft the budget for the forthcoming year.

Mr Kibuuka added: ”the government didn’t want to lose out.”