April 16, 2013

The inaugural Trans 100 selection was released last week (read Autostraddle's coverage of it here), the result of a collaborative effort headed by Antonia D'orsay (This is H.O.W., Arizona TransAlliance, Dyssonace) and Jen Richards (We Happy Trans, WTF Trans* Dating, Trans* Love Stories, Sugar and Spice). From the get-go, the goal of the project was to recognize a diversity of trans* Americans who are currently doing work to better the lives of other trans* people. This is not at all a list of the "Top 100 Trans* People" (whatever that would mean), but rather "a curated set of examples [of activists]" according to D'orsay, who refers to the Trans 100 as a "selection." As Richards explained to me, and highlighted in an audio interview with JRV MAJESTY, a Trans 100 focused on recognizing "how much great [activism] work is happening" serves multiple, important purposes. It is a valuable resource for other trans* people who need advocates or are looking to become more active (like yours truly), "a positive way of drawing attention to…our needs [as a community]", and a key component in helping to diversify the broader, cultural narrative of trans*ness in America by telling the media, "These are the people doing the work; these are the people you should be talking to."