NBC 12
December 19, 2012

$10,000 is the amount of money an anonymous donor just gave to help find a missing Charlottesville man. Nobody has seen Dashad Smith for about a month now as investigators continue to focus on an landfill in Henrico County. Dump trucks and hills of trash surround investigators from Charlottesville digging through a landfill in Henrico's east end. They hope to find something that will help them find Smith. He went missing about a month ago. The focus is now on the Old Dominion Landfill off of Charles City Road because police say this is where trash from Charlottesville goes. Smith's 20th birthday was last week, but instead of celebrating his family and friends were praying for his safety. They released balloons in his honor. The hope is by continuing to put his story out there, it will bring police closer to a breakthrough in the case. His mother, Latasha Grooms, tells our sister station, NBC29, that she is trying to stay positive. "It hurts you know every day, him not being here," she said.

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