Huffington Post
November 3, 2012

This is me, sitting down with you, my conservative Christian brothers and sisters, buying you a cup of coffee, and telling you that I love and respect you, and that I do not think you have hate in your heart or are afraid of gay people. I am afraid for you, and this is an intervention. You are not working in your own interest. In fact, you are on a road toward demolishing the things that mean the most to you. I do not want that to happen, so I humbly offer you these 10 benefits you'd surely enjoy if you were to get up, get out, and vehemently demand the opportunity of marriage for your gay neighbors.

  1. Demonstrating Your Strength of Character
  2. Embodying the Example of Jesus Christ
  3. Salvaging the Bible's Reputation
  4. Protecting the Family
  5. Preserving Morality
  6. Advocating for Disenfranchised Children
  7. Being a Good Samaritan
  8. Promoting Romantic Love
  9. Saving the Institution of Marriage
  10. Upholding Critical Thinking and Idealism Over Judgmentalism

In order to win marriage equality in Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, and Washington, we are going to need every LGBT and allied vote, including the vote of conservative Christians. Rob Watson makes that case in this Huffington Post article.