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He thinks trans kids have 'treatable disorder'-- of course he opposes Facebook's gender options

While the AP identifies Focus on the Family's Jeff Johnston as merely an "issues analyst," there are a few things you should know before processing his quote.

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The politics of sobriety in the LGBT community, according to historian Jen Manion

Substance abuse and sobrierty within the LGBT community were recently unpacked in an op-ed by Jen Manion, advocate and Connecticut College history professor, featured on The Advocate's website.

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Biola Queer Underground to host panel on being transgender and Christian

On Saturday, February 22, the Biola Queer Underground will host a panel about being transgender and Christian, featuring Dr. H. Adam Ackley and Rev. Megan More. Dr. Ackley was asked to resign from teaching at Azusa Pacific University after announcing that he is transgender.

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Salon challenges the men of the NFL to follow where the boys of Missouri have already led

Edward Wyckoff Williams wrote an essay for that asks the question how Michael Sam was so successful in college, but faces claims of challenges in the professional leagues.

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Wade Davis and Sarah Kate Ellis on Michael Sam and LGBT athletes

After Michael Sam became one of the first NFL prospects who is openly LGBT, GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate joined former professional football player and You Can Play Executive Director Wade Davis in discussing the news with mainstream media outlets.

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