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World Vision reverses decision, calls intention to work with LGBT people a "mistake"

The response from many LGBT supportive people of faith has been one of confusion and frustration that needy children around the globe are held hostage to a political and unbiblical worldview that places a priority on the exclusion of LGBT people from employment and participation in public life.

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VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez discusses producing 'The Fosters' with Ellen Degeneres

On Ellen last week, pop star Jennifer Lopez appeared to talk about her new album, her role as a judge on American Idol, and her motivation for becoming an executive producer on ABC Family's hit show The Fosters.

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How to keep the focus on anti-LGBT laws overseas? Three different approaches

This weekend, three different forums put a focus on the export of homophobia. Take a look and share widely, so others understand the connection between US-based anti-LGBT activists and draconian laws popping up in countries around the world.

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Michigan marriage saga continues, Governor puts existing marriages 'on hold'

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has said that state agencies will not immediately recognize the 300 marriages performed in Michigan on Saturday, before a stay was issued. Spokespeople for the Governor said that everything related to the marriages, including adoptions by married couples will be placed "on hold."

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