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October 15, 2014

Man uses Facebook to plan Tahlequah, Oklahoma's first Pride event

Carden Crow and his spouse Shronn just wanted to have a picnic one day with all their friends, since they weren’t going to be around for the Tulsa pride parade. Little did they know that there fifteen-person picnic would turn into an event with over 600 attendees .

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LGBTQ Connect provides services for homeless San Franciscans

Last year in San Francisco—a city with gravely disparate living circumstances—there were 7,350 youth and adults experiencing homelessness, 30 percent of whom identified as LGBT, according to the 2013 San Francisco Homeless Count and Survey.

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NY Court of Appeals reviews conviction for murdered trans woman

Today, advocates are joining the family of Lateisha Green, a transgender woman of color who was murdered in Syracuse in 2008, at the New York Court of Appeals in Albany for a hearing on whether to reinstate the hate crime conviction against her alleged killer, Dwight DeLee.

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October 13, 2014

South Korea - first Asian country to legalize marriage equality?

Park Won-son, mayor of Soul, expressed his hopes for South Korea to become first Asian country to allowing same-sex marriage.

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October 17, 2014

The schism between the hierarchy and the people of the Roman Catholic Church

In recent news,the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church have given both positive and negative signals on the issue of the acceptance of LGBT people into the Roman Catholic Church.

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