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How the media is criminalizing HIV, why that's a problem, and what we can do to fix it

This problem is severe and undoubtedly multifaceted, but has to do in heavy part with the heightened stigma that exists within the African-American community—the stigma that LGBT and mainstream media perpetuate when they turn a blind eye to people of color and people who are HIV+.

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January 24, 2014

Eastside Catholic High School students continue to "make a mess" to bring back fired teacher

Eastside Catholic High School students continue to speak out in support of fired vice principal Mark Zmuda.

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January 23, 2014

20-year-old LGBT advocate in Azerbaijain takes his own life with a rainbow flag

Isa Shakhmarli, a 20 year-old LGBT advocate from Azerbaijan took his own life by hanging himself with a rainbow flag. Isa served as Chairman of Azerbaijan Free LGBT Organization.

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"We're spending more on what kills us than everyone spends to help us": How smoking's killing equality

With the LGBT community spending 65 times more money on cigarettes than funders spend on all LGBT-related issues, smoking hinders people's health as well as the health of our movement for equality.

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