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CeCe McDonald, the Girl Who Lived (And Why There is No Justice for Transgender Women of Color)

On Monday morning, April 16, Paige Clay was found dead in Chicago’s West Garfield Park, the victim of a single gunshot to her forehead. Paige was 23 years old, much beloved by her chosen family in Chicago’s Ball community, and a transgender woman of color. No one has been arrested for her murder, and little new information has surfaced since.

May 11, 2012

American University's Student Body President Comes Out, Gets Lady Gaga's Support

Students at American University got a big surprise when the most recent student body president stepped down from the position earlier this month. Students had elected Tim McBride to serve last year, without realizing that McBride identifies as a woman. She came out as transgender publicly after serving her time as student body president.
May 11, 2012

First White House Conference on LGBT Aging Held in Miami

LGBT seniors, like seniors in general, worry about safe housing, good health care and having enough money in retirement.

But according to those attending the first White House conference devoted to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender aging, held at the University of Miami on Monday, they also face unique obstacles because of discrimination, health-care inequities and fear of retaliation.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel
May 8, 2012


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