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Laverne Cox Shares the Pitfalls of Anti-Trans Discrimination

When I was bullied as a child, called names, chased home from school, and sometimes physically attacked, it was because of my gender expression. The way I acted was way more feminine than how most of the people around me thought a boy "should" act. Though I was often told I acted like a girl as a child, I was also usually called anti-gay slurs, like "sissy" or "faggot." I was bullied because of my gender expression, but everyone called it "gay" years before I knew I liked boys, years before I understood I was trans.

The Huffington Post
June 22, 2012

Transgender Athlete Looks to Qualify in Hammer

Keelin Godsey is one of 24 athletes scheduled to participate Thursday in the women’s hammer throw at the United States Olympic trials, but for Godsey, 28, of North Adams, Mass., there is much more than a spot in London at stake.

London 2012 (The New York Times)
June 21, 2012

TVC's Anti-Trans Attack Email Sparks Outrage, But Not Surprise, From LGBT Activists

Although the only comments opposing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to be heard in today's Senate Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing on the bill came from one witness, Craig Parshall of the National Religious Broadcasters Association, one outside group took to its email list with a particularly aggressive and anti-transgender pitch.

The Traditional Values Coalition, which is designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, put out a fundraising email to members today attacking the specter of transgender teachers.

Poliglot (Metro Weekly)
June 13, 2012


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