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Trans Advocates Criticize Tennessee State Rep. Floyd

Tennessee state Rep. Richard Floyd (R) was criticized this week for saying he would “stomp a mudhole” into a transgender person who tried to use a proper dressing room. Floyd is a sponsor of a bill that would prevent transgender people from accessing facilities that correspond with their gender identities.

The Tennessean
January 19, 2012

Elmhurst College Including LGBT Prospective Students Is a Non-Issue

This fall Elmhurst became the first institute of higher education to include an admissions question about sexual orientation and gender identity, launching them into the public eye. The college has only good things to say after its first round of admissions with the new question.

LGBT en Español: Defensora Transgénero Bamby Salcedo Reseñada en People en Español; Programa de CNN Incluye a Madre Lesbiana, ¡y más!

En esta edición de LGBT en Español: abordamos la reseña en People en Español de una conocida y querida defensora transgénero; cómo un programa de CNN manejó el tema de los padres gays, ¡y más!


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