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Melissa Harris-Perry Show to Discuss Transgender Issues

From the first appearance at a trans event by a sitting Cabinet Secretary to the incredible list of policy victories we’ve achieved in the past year, trans policy is now firmly part of the political debate. Of equal importance is that now, the conversation around the country is moving in our favor, symbolic of important cultural progress in our movement. Capitalizing on what seems to be a trans moment, Mara Keisling will join the Melissa-Harris Perry Show on a nationally televised panel discussing the movement for transgender equality.

National Center for Transgender Equality
April 15, 2012

LAPD to House Transgender Arrestees in Separate Section

The Los Angeles Police Department will begin housing arrested transgender men and women in a women’s jail by the end of the month, making it what administrators believe is the first police department in the country to do so.

The announcement came Thursday night from Capt. Dave Lindsay, commander of the department’s jail division, speaking to a meeting in Hollywood of transgender people with police Chief Charlie Beck and members of the city’s Police Commission.

Los Angeles Times
April 13, 2012

What Does Transgender Mean? One Semi-Conservative Dad's Perspective

I cannot explain what transgender means to me in a 1,000-word essay, but I can begin to open a dialogue and share a few stories that may help others understand what it means to raise a transgender child. There were many early struggles, and even more for my wife as I was trying to learn my way. But our struggles were small compared with those that both our children faced. I hope to share more than just the painful moments, but also the rewards of watching my beautiful daughter and her amazing brother grow.

Huffington Post
April 12, 2012

House Dems Push Obama to Fight Harder For LGBT Workers' Rights

Dozens of House Democrats are urging President Obama to fight harder to end discrimination against LGBT people in the workplace.

More than 70 Democrats sent a letter to Obama Tuesday asking the president to adopt an executive order explicitly prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating against employees based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Hill
April 4, 2012


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