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Karina Hermosillo de 'Nuestra Belleza Latina' quiere ser la primera reina gay

Desde que Karina Hermosillo se presentó en las pruebas de Arizona con el deseo de ser la próxima "Nuestra Belleza Latina", sintió que debía ser valiente y desde un principio compartir su verdad, esa con la que sueña ser libre y hacer libre a todos aquellos que sufren por la discriminación y el prejuicio. Lo primero que dijo es "Soy lesbiana y estoy orgullosa de serlo". Hubo quienes la criticaron y otros que la aplaudieron.
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April 3, 2013

Did TV change America’s mind on marriage equality?

Society and media have a circular and cyclical relationship: As LGBT activists have pushed for equality and visibility, and political realities on the ground have shifted, media representations of gay people have both responded to those changes and also helped to nudge them along.

April 1, 2013

"Chicago Fire" asks Twitter fans if Shay should Sleep with Her Male Co-worker

For some fans of Chicago Fire, Leslie Shay was their lesbian representative. She was strong and funny, kind and loyal. She was good at her job, confident in her sexuality, and looking for a woman to love her as fiercely as she loves. But now, this show has offered those viewers a version of what it means to be a lesbian that gives them license to believe the notion that a lesbian is just a woman who hasn’t found the right man.
April 1, 2013


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