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GW Joins ‘You Can Play’ Movement

In March, Dan wrote about a movement called “You Can Play”, a public show of support by NHL stars and other athletes for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender players.

George Washington University is supporting the issue on a collegiate level by releasing a video for “You Can Play,” pledging acceptance for all of their student athletes regardless of sexual orientation.

D.C. Sports Bog (The Washington Post)
August 23, 2012

Openly Gay Athletes Still Scarce At Olympic Games

Only a handful of Olympic competitors have publicly identified themselves as gay, including Hester, Rapinoe, U.S. basketball player Seimone Augustus, Australian diver Matthew Mitcham and South African archer Karen Hultzer, who came out to the media during the games.

Associated Press
August 10, 2012

Seimone Augustus Talks To ESPN About Coming Out As Lesbian On Minnesota Lynx

Seimone Augustus is having a very good Olympic Games. The Minnesota Lynx star, who came out publicly as a lesbian earlier this year, has helped Team USA to the semifinals, with their latest game a thrashing of Canada, 91-48. On Wednesday, Augustus talks to ESPN's Outside the Lines about coming out publicly.

SB Nation
August 8, 2012

Gay Torchbearer Kisses Boyfriend; Olympics Fans Cheer

Long the public face and chair of Britain's Gay Football Supporters Union, athlete and activist Chris Basiurski was one of the last individuals to carry the Olympic Torch in its three-month relay through the British Isles. He lit his torch in London on Thursday, approximately 28 hours before the flame's route through the city brought it to Olympic stadium.

As he prepared to light his torch, Mr. Basiurski kissed his boyfriend, drawing cheers from onlookers. Mr. Basiurski told the crowd he and his boyfriend will be married next year.

From Gay Star News:

July 30, 2012

Matt Hasselbeck, Titans QB, doesn’t care if a teammate is gay, talked to team about it

When former Tennessee Titan Wade Davis came out publicly on Outsports last month, it captured headlines across the sports world. Those headlines made their way into a Tennessee Titans quarterbacks meeting, Matt Hasselbeck told Outsports.

“The quarterback room conversation was that, ‘Hey, has anybody played with an openly gay teammate?’ And nobody had,” Hasselbeck told Outsports. “And it’s kind of irrelevant to the discussion in terms of how we would view that person as a teammate or how we would view that person as a friend, or how we would trust that person.”

July 24, 2012

Mickey Rouke on Raising Money For Gay Rugby Player Movie

MICKEY Rourke admits he’s found it “very difficult” to raise money for his movie about gay rugby ace Gareth Thomas.

The actor will play the Welsh sportsman in an upcoming drama, which he admits has been plagued with financial difficulties.

“We’re going to be ready to shoot in February. We have probably 80 per cent of the money. It’s been very difficult because it’s not a comic book, it’s not a romantic comedy. It doesn’t fall in that category to raise money for,” he said.

Showbiz Spy
July 17, 2012


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