Stories that show how athletes, teams, leagues, and journalists who cover the world of sports are dealing with LGBT-related issues

Calling on Commissioners in Professional Sports to Take a Stand for Equality

ESPN's Howard Bryant discusses his thoughts on why no professional athletes who are still playing have come out this year, and he calls on the commissioners of the leagues to support equality openly in order to make the sports world more welcoming for any athlete who decides to come out.

ESPN The Magazine
December 29, 2011

After Anti-Gay Survey, Ex-Coach Remains a Guidance Counselor

As part of a national conversation about anti-gay bullying and harassment, parents and students are standing up to say there is no room for dangerous bullying behavior in our schools. Students should be able to have relationships of trust and mutual respect with their guidance counselors, something that ex-coach Pat Lynch clearly violated with his reckless decision to distribute the “Hurt Feelings Report.”

Former MLS Player Comes Out

David Testo, a former Major League Soccer player with the Columbus Crew, came out in an interview.

November 10, 2011

UFC: Gay Fighters Should Come Out

Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White says that if his league has any gay fighters, he wishes they would come out. The UFC is under fire for homophobic comments made by its members. The league presently has almost 400 fighters."I'll tell you right now, if there was a gay fighter in UFC, I wish he would come out," UFC President Dana White said Thursday.

Joe. My. God.
October 28, 2011


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