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October 18, 2011

Religious Voices Support Spirit Day

Support for Spirit Day has come from many places, including religious people and communities.

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LGBT en Español: Paparazzi Magazine contra el Acoso Escolar, Caso Cerrado Combate la Discriminación, y Novela con Trama Gay

En esta edición de LGBT en Español, se examina la cobertura de temas LGBT en Paparazzi Magazine. También cómo Caso Cerrado trató a casos de discriminación y la trama gay de una telenovela.

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LGBT en Español: Paparazzi Magazine’s Anti-Bullying Message, Court Show Fights Discrimination, and Gay Story Line in Novela

In this edition of LGBT en Español, we look at Paparazzi Magazine’s coverage of LGBT issues and people. Also, Caso Cerrado deals with cases of discrimination, and a telenovela includes a gay storyline.

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Tell You're Not Laughing/Dile a que no te estás riendo

The site recently published a post that included the line “Eva Longoria confronts a bitchy queen who fags out on her.” GLAAD reached out to explain how words and sentiments like these are used to bully LGBT youth in schools and how often these words accompany anti-gay violence. Rather than set an example and stand with LGBT readers, guanabee is defending the post.

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LGBT en Español: DADT Repeal Sparks Joy, Latino Gay Parenting, and Marytrini Talks Drag

In this edition of LGBT en Español, LGBT military personnel celebrate the repeal of DADT. Plus two gay men expecting twins, Cristian Castro's same-sex kiss and more.

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LGBT en Español: Júbilo por Derogación de DADT, Padres Gays Latinos, y Marytrini Habla del Drag

En esta edición de LGBT en Español, militares gays celebran la derogación de la ley DADT. Además, dos padres gays latinos a la espera de gemelos, Cristian Castro comparte un beso con un hombre, ¡y más!

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Deja-vu: Brian & Anton Once Again Face Deportation Threat

Brian & Anton, a loving and committed binational gay couple from Philadelphia who faced the threat of Anton's deportation on Valentine's Day, are essentially back at square one.

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