Religion and Faith

News of LGBT and allied people of faith, and stories that show the ways in which people of faith interact with the LGBT community

Senator Orrin Hatch predicts marriage equality will become "the law of the land"

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch predicted in a Wednesday radio interview that marriage equality will become "the law of the land," though he personally does not believe "that's the right way to go."

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LGBT Catholics & allies are being unjustly fired and have asked the Pope to talk to them about it

Signed by nine teachers who have been forced from jobs at Catholic schools for identifying as LGBT or being an ally to the community, an open letter has been delivered to the Vatican by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

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GLAAD asks principal Nancy Matteo how a photo of Ellen DeGeneres on a prom invitation could be "completely wrong"

A Catholic school in Bucks County, Pennsylvania apologized to students and parents for picturing Ellen DeGeneres on an eighth grade graduation dance invitation.

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