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After comparing loving committed couples to kidnap and sexual assault, Sandy Rios earns spot on Commentator Accountability Project

Her prominence has ebbed and flowed over the years, but her commitment to stigmatizing LGBT people has remained. And now, with her latest comments connecting gay male affection with the "love" that convicted rapist and kidnapper Ariel Castro had for his victims, Sandy Rios is the latest addition to GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project.

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Lutherans to install gay bishop

In yet another indication of American Christianity's increasing hospitality to LGBTs among the faithful, a southern California Lutheran synod has elected an openly gay pastor to serve as its bishop. The Reverend Dr. R. Guy Erwin's selection earlier this year is indeed historic for the four-million member Evangelical Lutheran Church of America on three scores. He is openly gay, partnered, and Native American – a member of Osage Tribe. Erwin, 55, will be formally welcomed next week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, when ELCA's Churchwide Assembly meets August 12-17.
The Bay Area Reporter
August 8, 2013

'Who am I to judge?' on homosexuality

For 17 years, Ken Bencomo taught English at a Catholic school in California. He also taught dance and worked with students on their yearbook. And Ken’s partner was part of his school community. Ken’s students knew he was gay. Ken’s administration knew he was gay. But last week – the very same week that the pope asked “who am I to judge?” in response to a question about gay Catholic leadership – Ken was fired for legally marrying his partner of 10 years.
Washington Post
August 8, 2013

Explaining away the Pope

Michael Sean Winters put up a good post today critiquing conservative Catholics for downplaying the significance of Pope Francis’ “Who am I to judge” remark about gays. In particular he singled out San Francisco Bishop Salvatore Cordileone, who interprets the remark along the lines of “love the sinner, hate the sin.

Religion News Service
August 6, 2013


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