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News of LGBT and allied people of faith, and stories that show the ways in which people of faith interact with the LGBT community

No Contradiction in Being Black and Gay

I am black. I am gay. And yes, I am a Christian. That intersection exists in our hair salons, barbershops and, yes, even our churches. No one is making room for gay people, gay people have always been at the table, at the forefront.

May 22, 2012

Religion News Summary Highlights for May 18, 2012

Gaining the most media this week was President Barack Obama’s historic, public endorsement of marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples, and the citation of his Christian faith as a reason for his support. Faith leaders from all denominations weighed in on his speech, including Jewish groups, Unitarian Universalist churches, and many other Christian branches.

Sacred Heart graduates Will Hear Uninvited Gay Speaker at "Live For Love" Graduation

Dominic Sheahan-Stahl's alma mater in Mt. Pleasant, Mich., Sacred Heart Academy, asked him to be the commencement speaker at graduation. He accepted, eager to help out his old school and a community he loved. But last month the principal rescinded his invitation after finding out through Facebook that Sheahan-Stahl is openly gay and engaged to marry a man. The principal said that is a violation of Catholic teachings.

Detroit Free Press
May 17, 2012

The law needs to catch up with love

By Candy Holmes - When I heard the words of President Obama affirming marriage for all couples, it made me proud to be an American and proud to be a person of African heritage. I thought back on meeting President Obama in the Oval Office and sharing my story with him around the need for equality for all Americans, including LGBT people. I believed him then when he responded that he would do his very best to work for fairness and equality.

Washington Post
May 16, 2012


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