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Transgender DNC delegate delivers sermon at local church

For Janice Covington, being selected as the first openly transgender delegate from North Carolina to the Democratic National Convention was “better than amazing” and is the culimination of a long journey. Covington, 65, delivered a sermon Sunday at Wedgewood Church, near SouthPark. “I advocated for LGBT rights, basically human rights, for many years,” Covington told the more than 35 people who attended the service at Wedgewood.

Charlotte Observer
August 27, 2012

Pastor Names Helpful - and Not So Helpful - Ways to Help LGBT People in Uganda

Pastor Joseph Tolton published an op-ed in Religion Dispatches that explained the harm in “hactivism” for LGBT people in Uganda. The op-ed was in reaction to the news that an LGBT supportive group called “Anonymous” had hacked into several African government websites, posting messages of affirmation for LGBT people.

Cyber-Colonialism: Anonymous Enters LGBT Fray in Uganda

Members of the “hacktivist” group Anonymous have taken down the government websites of several African countries with records of oppressing LGBT people. Anonymous’ actions are particularly ironic given that many of the anti-LGBT laws in African countries are a direct result of the anti-LGBT brand of Christianity imported by evangelical missionaries like Scott Lively. In 2009, Lively addressed groups of lawyers, members of Parliament, universities, secondary schools and Christian leaders about “the ‘gay’ agenda,” and spoke at a three-day conference in Uganda.

Religion Dispatches
August 23, 2012

Can You Be Gay and Muslim? Yes.

Like their Christian and Jewish counterparts, conservative Muslims commit scriptural violence by denying the humanity of a vulnerable minority. However, according to St. Augustine, since scripture teaches nothing but charity, it needs to be interpreted until a compassionate interpretation is found. In Judaism, Rabbi Harold Schulweis has stated that the Jewish law was not instituted to make life miserable but rather to introduce love and compassion. Likewise, in Islam, the 8th-century-female Sufi Rabia Basri rejected fear based obedience.

Huffington Post
August 21, 2012

Marriage Fight Divides MN Catholics

About 20 Catholics sat on folding chairs and old sofas in Ed Burg's basement, snacking on cookies and candy and talking about why they don't like the proposed marriage amendment.

"It's a matter of further restriction on gay or GLBT people of whom there are number in my family, particularly my son," said Burg, 88, who attends St. Edward's Catholic Church in Bloomington.

Minneapolis Star Tribune
August 20, 2012

Secret Meetings, 'Conversion Therapy' and Male Power -- LGBT Life in El Salvador

Two young lesbian activists in El Salvador tell their stories of getting 'Conversion Therapy' from a psychologist, holding secret LGBT meetings in rural areas, and trying to overcome the male-dominated culture they feel is at the heart of anti-LGBT sentiment


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