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San Francisco Bishop: Don't Say Gay Marriage

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has said Catholics opposed to same-sex marriage should limit themselves to even using the term "only sparingly," as the idea, according to him, is an impossibility.

National Catholic Reporter
January 28, 2013

How I found my calling as the North American Old Catholic Church's first transgender priest

On Jan. 19, 2013, I was ordained as a the first transgender priest in the North American Old Catholic Church. I am a rather unlikely priest. I grew up in a fundamentalist evangelical church that taught that women should not be ministers and that LGBT people were going to hell. My gender was assumed to be female at birth, but something about that never felt right to me. Around puberty I started to feel a discomfort with my body, but I had no words to explain what was going on. Around this same time I started to feel called to be a pastor.

Huffington Post
January 25, 2013

Op-Ed: We, The Black Church, Have a Sex Problem

Gay and transgender members of our churches, as well as their families and friends, dwell in an abiding sense of concern and trepidation. Far too often, they realistically expect or have the experience of isolation, condemnation and/or invisibility.

As every pastor knows, sex is one of the leading issues when couples come to us for marriage counseling. Whether or not we’re prepared or comfortable, we’re already dealing with sex.

Take Part
January 24, 2013


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