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Washington National Cathedral to Host Weddings for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Now that both Washington DC and Maryland have both legalized marriage for all loving couples, the National Cathedral, which is affiliated with the Episcopal Church, will perform weddings for gay and lesbian couples. The marriage rite for LGBT members was adopted by the Episcopal Church in 2012, though individual congregations can choose whether or not to implement it.

Marriage equality: Nothing to fear in Illinois

Right now, the legislature in Illinois is at an important juncture with the possibility of upcoming vote on marriage equality. Many of the same stories of fears have been told, and repeated over and over again. But Illinois lawmakers and citizens are in a very different position than were the citizens and lawmakers of Massachusetts eight years ago, for our Massachusetts story, and the stories of all the states with marriage equality, offer you the experience and knowledge that these fears are unfounded.

Windy City Media Group
January 9, 2013

VIDEO: Uganda LGBT Activist Speaks Out at Courthouse After Scott Lively Hearing

Pepe Julian Onziema traveled from Uganda to the United States of America to attend the Motion to Dismiss hearing at Hampden Federal Courthouse, Massachusetts. What follows is a must watch Video of Pepe’s moving remarks, so courageously delivered at great risk to his personal safety, on the Courthouse stairs after the hearing.

January 9, 2013

VIDEO: Do we need a gay church?

Metropolitan Community Churches began in the 1960s as a place where gay Christians could worship. Now that some denominations are more accepting, is MCC needed anymore?

Huffington Post
January 8, 2013


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