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Religion and Faith


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News of LGBT and allied people of faith, and stories that show the ways in which people of faith interact with the LGBT community

Unprecedented Black and Latino Support for Marriage Expected on Election Day

For citizens who are casting votes today in four states – Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington – there is a chance that at least one of those contests will make history as it becomes the first in the nation where voters approve marriage equality at the ballot box and for the first time, minority voters may tip the balance in favor of marriage equality.

Vote for Equality

Election Day is here, and it’s time to get out the vote for equality!

Residents of four states will consider marriage equality on their ballots. A popular vote for marriage equality in any of these states would be historic.

No matter which state we call home, making our voices heard in this election is critical. Public support for gays and lesbians is growing across the country, but we have yet to secure the basic rights granted to our neighbors.

Believe Out Loud
November 6, 2012

LGBT faith leaders meet in Harlem

Over 100 faith leaders – including lay people, divinity students and clergy – met last Saturday in Harlem for an inspiring conference convened by LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent. Founded just 3 years ago, the NYC-based organization seeks “to oppose discrimina-tion, exclusion or intimidation of LGBT persons in our society, [especially] in our faith-based communities,” as their mission statement says.

GBM News
November 5, 2012

MD Pastor says Sandy Was God’s Punishment for Bloomberg’s Support of Marriage Equality

Pastor Luke Robinson of Quinn Chapel AME Church in Frederick, Maryland (speaking at an anti-Question 6 event yesterday with Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council and state Dels. Neil Parrott and Kathy Szeliga), claimed that Hurricane Sandy's destruction in New York City and the surrounding area was punishment for Mayor Michael Bloomberg's support of marriage equality.

Religion Dispatches
November 5, 2012

10 Reasons Why Conservative Christians Should Be Fighting for Gay Marriage

This is me, sitting down with you, my conservative Christian brothers and sisters, buying you a cup of coffee, and telling you that I love and respect you, and that I do not think you have hate in your heart or are afraid of gay people. I am afraid for you, and this is an intervention. You are not working in your own interest. In fact, you are on a road toward demolishing the things that mean the most to you.

Huffington Post
November 3, 2012

Lutheran Bishop says marriage equality is "Basic Matter of Fairness"

What is on the ballot this year is a question that has been crafted with the intention of assuring that religious institutions and religious people are not required to participate in same-gender weddings that offend their consciences. In fact, pastors and priests always have the right not to marry couples for any reason...This question seems to me to involve a basic matter of fairness I believe that our ELCA social statement on human sexuality allows for principled voting both for and against this question.

November 3, 2012

Maryland Priest Counters Archbishop's Letter With Support For Marriage Equality

As many Catholic leaders have done, Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori required all parish priests to read a letter from him this past Sunday denouncing marriage equality and encouraging parishioners to vote no on Maryland’s Question 6. When Father Richard T. Lawrence read the letter this past weekend at Baltimore’s St. Vincent de Paul church, he then added his own thoughts, breaking from Lori and the Vatican to suggest that voting for marriage equality may be the Catholic thing to do.

Think Progress
November 2, 2012


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