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News of LGBT and allied people of faith, and stories that show the ways in which people of faith interact with the LGBT community

WATCH: Ross Murray's #SouthernStories sermon in Jackson, MS

GLAAD joined St. Alexis Episcopal Church on Sunday morning as a part of the GLAAD Southern Stories Summer Tour. In addition to bringing a greeting to the congregation, GLAAD's Director of Programs, Ross Murray, delivered the sermon to the congregation.

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The case for LGBT acceptance resonates among evangelical leaders

With nascent ally voices like that of Tony Campolo coupled with the refined advocacy from people like Matthew Vines, the arch of the evangelical community indeed now slowly curves towards LGBT acceptance.

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Reconciling faith and sexuality: GLAAD and Reconciling Ministries Network join in worship during Southern Stories Summer Tour

GLAAD is partnering with Reconciling Ministries Network in participating in a worship service during the North Georgia United Methodist Annual Conference.

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A lesbian adoptive mother responds to Catholic bishops' attempt to discriminate against #LGBTQfamilies like hers

We know nearly a dozen other same-sex couples who have also adopted children with special needs, both from the U.S. and abroad. And there are hundreds, if not thousands of others like us across the U.S. The intentionality with which they chose to parent is carried forward into their raising of their daughters and sons. They have done all the things that other parents do, often while facing stigma and a lack of legal stability for their families.

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Alabama cancels vote on LGBT-inclusive anti-discrimination bill

Alabama made headlines when it became the 37th state to legalize same-sex marriage in the United States, but has cancelled the vote on an LGBT-inclusive anti-discrimination bill.

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