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Mexican rock band Molotov to remove anti-gay slur from track, speak out against anti-LGBT violence during national tour

Popular Mexican rock band Molotov's today decided to remove the anti-gay slur "maricón" from its 1997 song "Puto" during this summer's Jägermeister Music Tour. Along with removing "maricón," from the "matarile al maricón" lyric, the band will introduce the song during the tour with a message of support for LGBT people. The band will be donating some of the tour's proceeds to LGBT organizations and to help Esteban Navarro, the young victim of a recent anti-gay attack in Chile.

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Op-ed: Justice for Trayvon Martin comes out of community, not courtrooms

The murder of Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of George Zimmerman are not anomalies in our criminal punishment system. They are the norm. Article upon article has been written since the verdict reminding readers that Black bodies are not valued by our culture and Black people can be killed with no consequences to those who pull the trigger or who create the systems that lead to constant premature death for people of color.

The Rainbow Times
July 24, 2013


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