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Issues impacting LGBT communities of color

Florence House, homeless women's shelter, sets best practices for trans women

As equality for transgender Americans has come into focus with mainstream media exposure, more and more stories of blatant institutional discrimination against trans people have surfaced. However, the actions of the directors and staff running Florence House, a homeless shelter for women in Maine, exemplify behavior that is both affirming of transgender individuals' identities and conscious of their needs.

Op-ed: Time to expand work on equality?

As we in the LGBT community eagerly awaited the decisions on gay marriage from the Supreme Court, we watched in horror as the Supremes struck down the formula for determining which jurisdictions would have to get prior approval before changing voter laws. Because of historic discrimination in these identified states and cities, the U.S. DOJ had the authority to challenge changes in voter laws.

The Advocate
July 15, 2013

Gay U.S. Ambassador Nominee To Dominican Republic Exposes Cultural Rift

When the Dominican Republic's Roman Catholic Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez called President Barack Obama's openly-gay U.S. ambassador nominee to the island nation a "maricon,” or "f----t," it raised eyebrows across the world — for different reasons.

Perhaps a generation ago, the Cardinal's comment would not have created much controversy in the country’s press, the government or the people.

Today, it’s a different story.

Fox News Latino
July 11, 2013


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