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Issues impacting LGBT communities of color

Equality Florida Launches Petition to Demand Apology from Florida Lt. Governor

Equality Florida's Nadine Smith is organizing lesbian women around the county to demand the Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll apologize for her anti-gay comments. Sign this petition to tell the Lt. Governor that no elected official should promote hate and inaccurate stereotypes.

Undocumented Activists Follow LGBT Tactics

In recent years, a growing number of young undocumented activists, many of whom are also part of the LGBT community, have blended the “coming out” philosophy into the immigration-reform movement and are talking openly about their status as undocumented immigrants to humanize the issue.

National Journal
July 24, 2012

Opening his D.C. church to all, including HIV-positive people

Paper fans fluttered and tambourines jingled during the opening hymns of Inner Light Ministries’ Sunday service. July heat had crept into the small, wood-paneled sanctuary early, and the pews were packed.

The church was celebrating its 19th anniversary and honoring its founder, Bishop Rainey Cheeks, who has entered his 30th year in ministry.

Washington Post
July 24, 2012

Panama's Boy Scouts Also Close Door to Gay People

Panama's National Scouts' Association has adopted a policy to prohibit gay people from being scouts or scout leaders, and in addition, a representative of the organization has said that it plans to "help" change the sexual orientation of those who are gay. Meanwhile, Costa Rica's Scouts' association has affirmed its respect for the sexual orientation of all its members.

Notimex (via El Diario la Prensa)
July 20, 2012

New "Back of the Line" Report Highlights HIV Epidemic Among Black Gay Men

Black gay men in the United States are at the highest risk of contracting HIV of any people in the world, according to a new report released by Black AIDS Institute. And with a 60 percent chance of being infected by age 40, inadequate access to health care and resources as well as a lack of institutional attention to black gay men, not risky behavior, are to blame.


South Africans Protest Anti-LGBT Violence on Nelson Mandela's Birthday

Freedom lovers around the world celebrated Nelson Mandela’s 94th birthday, but thousands of LGBT South Africans used the day to highlight the continued discrimination and a rising wave of hate crimes sweeping the country. From the article: "Connecting to Mandela’s 67 years of public service, advocates held 67-minute protests throughout the nation and called upon the African National Congress to take a more affirmative stance against homophobia."
July 19, 2012


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