People of Color

Issues impacting LGBT communities of color

LGBT Candidates and Allies Win State and Local Elections

Much of the excitement from Tuesday’s election focused on the marriage questions in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington, as well as Tammy Baldwin’s victory in Wisconsin. But LGBT candidates also ran in several races that garnered less national attention. The election of so many out LGBT candidates gives a new level of visibility to LGBT people across the country.

Unprecedented Black and Latino Support for Marriage Expected on Election Day

For citizens who are casting votes today in four states – Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington – there is a chance that at least one of those contests will make history as it becomes the first in the nation where voters approve marriage equality at the ballot box and for the first time, minority voters may tip the balance in favor of marriage equality.

LGBT faith leaders meet in Harlem

Over 100 faith leaders – including lay people, divinity students and clergy – met last Saturday in Harlem for an inspiring conference convened by LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent. Founded just 3 years ago, the NYC-based organization seeks “to oppose discrimina-tion, exclusion or intimidation of LGBT persons in our society, [especially] in our faith-based communities,” as their mission statement says.

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November 5, 2012


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