People of Color

Issues impacting LGBT communities of color

OPINION: In Bed With the President of Ghana?

WHEN my husband-to-be and I met the Ghanaian politician John Dramani Mahama at a friend’s wedding near Accra eight years ago, I liked him immediately. I kept up with his fortunes mostly through mutual friends, and I was happy to learn in 2009 that he had been elected his nation’s vice president.

The New York Times
February 11, 2013

The Untold History of LGBT Latino Activism

Growing up in a working-class community around East L.A. after arriving from Mexico, I was always surrounded by Latinas and Latinos. Yet I always felt a little different. And although I later began to meet more Latinas and Latinos like myself, I always felt that there was an absence of LGBT Latino leadership. I soon realized that it wasn’t so much a lack of leadership, but rather that the narrative of LGBT activism was constructed in a way that purposely ignored people who looked like me.
February 8, 2013


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