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LGBT and Women's Groups in Ecuador Campaign Against "Ex-Gay" Torture Centers

A campaign by women’s and LGBT groups in Ecuador seeking the closure of 200 "ex-gay" torture centers whose victims have mostly been lesbians is quickly gaining momentum as well as international attention. For more information, please visit Fundación Causana and AllOut’s petitions available in both English and Spanish to get the Ecuadorian federal government to take action.

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Public Radio Show Connects Penn State and Adoption for Gay and Lesbian Couples

On November 11, KCRW, a California-based affiliate of NPR which boasts nearly 400,000 regular listeners, hosted guests on its show To The Point to discuss the recent Penn State tragedy in which several young men claim to have been sexually assaulted by football coach Jerry Sandusky. Immediately following that discussion, host Warren Olney convened a panel to discuss the impact of LGBT parents. One of the guests was Jerry Cox, an anti-gay activist from Arkansas.

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November 12, 2011


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