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Obama's Executive Actions May Continue with Gay Rights

According to a new report in the Washington Post, the Obama administration is currently considering a reversal on signing an sign executive order that would protect gay federal contractors from workplace discrimination.

The Atlantic Wire
February 12, 2013

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed Talks about His Support for Marriage Equality

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed sat down with a local news and politics show, to discuss his support for marriage equality. Mayor Reed has only recently endorsed full marriage equality, previously having only supported civil unions. In so doing, Mayor Reed tells the story of his own personal evolution on marriage equality.
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A Doubly Trying Tax Season for Same-Sex Couples

FOR Colette Hayward and Margaret Selby, the problem is this: Maryland recognizes their 2009 marriage, but the federal government does not. The ramifications are maddeningly complex, no more so than when they deal with the Internal Revenue Service.

The New York Times
February 11, 2013


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