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Two Eagle Scout Ministers Say, Lift the Ban on Gay Scouts

Call­ing Chris­tians and churches to con­tinue, if not expand, their sup­port for the Boy Scouts of Amer­ica should it lift the ban on gay scouts. Two min­is­ters argue that their expe­ri­ences and oaths as Eagle Scouts are entirely con­sis­tent with—and will be deep­ened by—this pro­posed pol­icy change. This let­ter will be shared with the BSA Exec­u­tive Board as a wit­ness to our sup­port­ive organizing.

January 30, 2013

Scout Plan to Allow Gay People Ignites Debates on Local Level

A proposed shift by the Boy Scouts of America away from its national policy banning gays, leaving the decision to local councils, has divided scouts, families and troop leaders, with thousands taking to the organization’s Facebook page and other online forums to express their views in passionate tones of anguish, opprobrium or approval.

The New York Times
January 30, 2013

Tell the #BoyScouts to support inclusive Scouting and end the ban on gay scouts and leaders!

The Boy Scouts of America has decided not to make a decision to end the ban on gay scouts and leaders. Take action now! Send a message to the Boy Scouts that we won't rest. On January 28, 2013, news broke that the Boy Scouts of America is "actively considering" an end to the policy that bans gay scouts and leaders following a campaign by GLAAD, Scouts for Equality and others. The policy, which is being discussed, would remove the ban from the national organization’s rules, land allow local sponsoring organizations to decide whether to allow openly gay scouts. GLAAD has been actively working to end this policy since April 2012. We worked with individuals like Jennifer Tyrrell and Ryan Andresen, as well as groups like Scouts for Equality who were all working to end the ban. Millions of Americans have joined GLAAD and lent their voices to the chorus calling for a change.

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