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Why Jason Collins' faith is ignored...and Tebow's Isn't

Where Tebow’s religiosity has been endlessly analyzed by the media and championed by the white religious right, the centrality of Collins’ Christianity and faith community in his decision to come out has been ignored. Collins’ faith hasn’t gotten the attention that his race has—apart from ESPN’s attention-grabbing decision to put Chris Broussard, a sports journalist with known, religiously-motivated homophobic views, on air to directly question him about his personal opinion of Collins’ Christian witness—in the process playing into popular narratives about black homophobia.

Religion Dispatches
May 3, 2013

Gay Soccer Player Trains With L.A. Galaxy

Robbie Rogers, an American soccer player who played several years in Europe before coming out as gay and then announcing he was returning to California to take a break from the sport, is now training with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

The Advocate
May 3, 2013


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