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Video: A look into LGBT life in Russia

Chris Hayes sits down with Russian journalist Masha Gessen for an incredibly powerful conversation about what life is like for the LGBT community in Russia today.

August 23, 2013

More Than 30 Percent Of Americans Think Gays Can Become Straight

The widely disputed idea that sexual orientation is "curable" or changeable is bad enough, but even worse is that many people who end up in gay conversion therapies are minors, Murray told HuffPost. "[They] did not choose the program for themselves," he said, "and may have been forced into it by a parent who was influenced by religious leaders."
Huffington Post
August 22, 2013

Video: New push to overturn old gay blood donor ban

On July 12th, Sam Gavzy helped organize a NY gay blood drive.

Men were tested for HIV, he said, then went to their local blood banks and were turned away.

“I think this is an important time to put pressure on the FDA,” said Gavzy.

The Director of NY Blood Center Special Donor Services, Debra Kessler, said they regularly turn away men who’ve had sex with men. The center supports a review of this policy.

“Sometimes we get pushback from college campuses where they don’t feel we should be collecting blood on college campuses,” said Kessler.

August 22, 2013


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