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Steve Grand hailed as first openly gay male country singer with YouTube hit

Chicago native Steve Grand, 23, is gaining attention this week for his country song, “All-American Boy,” about a gay man’s unrequited love for a straight man. Having gained over 400,000 views in less than a week, Grand is being hailed as the first openly gay male singer of the genre.

Grand, who was made to go to “straight therapy” for five years, says the song is based on personal experiences. From the AP:

July 9, 2013

Macklemore Praises SCOTUS Ruling, Acknowledges 'We Have a Long Way To Go'

Today is a historic day for civil rights in America. By declaring DOMA unconstitutional, the Supreme Court has stated that the U.S. Government can no longer deny federal benefits to same sex couples. This means that people like my uncles, who have been in a committed relationship for over 20 years, will now receive the same rights that my parents have.

June 27, 2013


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