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February 24, 2014

Overwhelming opposition to Arizona's repulsive bill allowing discrimination

Resistance is growing to Arizona's bill, SB 1062, which would permit businesses and individuals to deny not only LGBT people, but virtually anyone, any services they provide based on the provider's individual religious beliefs.

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These 'license to discriminate' bills: What they're doing and why they're doing it

Jeremy Hooper looks at the history and thought process behind the bills that would turn away LGBT people from businesses.

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Celebrate BOYS with West Coast launch party

BOYS, An Anthology, a collaborative book that explores the lives of LGBT men around the world, was released in fall 2013 at #1 on the Amazon.com Gay & Lesbian eBook and print book charts. To celebrate, a launch party will be held this Sunday at Akbar on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

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February 19, 2014

Louisiana insurers use loophole to deny AIDS patients insurance

The state of Louisiana has only three insurance companies offering healthcare insurance under the Affordable Care Act, and all three are denying insurance to people who are HIV positive.

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VIDEO: CeCe McDonald talks trans people with Laverne Cox on Democracy Now

CeCe was joined by transgender actress and advocate Laverne Cox and Alisha Williams of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project to tell the story of her attack and subsequent imprisonment to Democracy Now

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February 18, 2014

Kansas' discrimination bill too discriminatory to pass

A bill that passed by the Kansas House on February 12th providing cover for anyone who refuses to provide services to LGBT people will not pass the Kansas senate as it is currently written.

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