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News that originates from and/or specifically impacts a local community, city, state, or region

Where Is Sage Smith?

Unless you've been following the work of Monica Roberts, The Opposing Views and David Lohr over at The Huffington Post, you probably don't know that a trans teenage girl from Charlottesville, Va., has been missing for nearly 20 days.

Gay Voices (The Huffington Post)
December 10, 2012

EDITORIAL: A divide on so-called "ex-gay therapy" law

So-called conversion therapy to change a patient's sexual orientation is a practice frowned on by mainstream psychiatry and deeply offensive to gays and lesbians, who rightly see it as a relic of a time when homosexuality was regarded as a mental illness. We think it's a terrible idea.

The Los Angeles Times
December 10, 2012


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