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Gay Washington senator remains rooted in faith

Murray said three aspects of his faith keep him rooted: fellow Catholics who “continue to affirm me as a human being and continue to affirm my 21-year relationship with my partner, Michael”; the belief that followers of Christ are called to live with, and love all people, regardless of other factors; and the fact that his prayer life and spirituality continue to be fed and challenged. Murray acknowledged, “My faith has helped me see people who strongly disagree with me as important and wonderful people, even when I can’t stand them and they can’t stand me.”

National Catholic Reporter
October 11, 2012

Unprecedented Pressure on Boy Scouts to Lift Gay Ban Continues Growing; Jennifer Tyrrell, Eagle Scout Ryan speak out as Massachusetts pack denounces policy

Today, Ohio mom Jennifer Tyrrell, who was kicked out of her son's Boy Scout troop for being gay in April of this year, called on Americans to support those Boy Scout troops who have stated that they welcome all Scouts and families, despite the discriminatory stance of the Boy Scouts of America.

Rev. Stephen Parelli spreads message supporting gay Christians

After coming out in 1997, Mr. Parelli switched career paths, going from a minister at Hickory Street Baptist Church in Scranton to a student at Queens College in New York. He also found the man he would eventually marry, Jose.

But he never put down the Bible.

Instead, he bought dozens of books that offer insight on how the Bible portrays homosexuality. He studied the material and presented the alternate interpretation/belief to anyone who would listen.

The Times Tribune
October 8, 2012


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