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Why Catholics in IL Should Support Marriage Equality

Catholics and their allies contribute joyfully and faithfully to the life of the Church. We hope that our leaders will think twice before labeling us destructive, disordered, and unnatural. And we hope that they will reconsider their opposition to same-sex civil marriage, which puts them in a position of inhospitality rather than welcome. In the meantime, inspired by our Catholic faith, we are contacting our state senators to urge support of Illinois's marriage equality bill.
Huffington Post
February 14, 2013

Copper Hills High in Utah says gay students can receive singing Valentines

Copper Hills High will allow "Singing Valentines" to same-sex students on Thursday.

Students were handed fliers last week about the school’s annual choir fundraiser —in which students make a donation and choir students in turn deliver songs to other students — with these words on it: "Sorry, no same-sex delivery." Students and others sent protests to the school administration about the statement that seemed to single out gay students and was interpreted by some as bullying.

The flier seemed all the more curious since the school recently started a new gay-straight student alliance.

But it depends on who you talk to about whether it was an issue or not.

The flier, Copper Hills Principal Todd Quarnberg said, was a "mistake" by choir students and not meant as a slight against any group of students.

"It was a misunderstanding," said Quarnberg, adding the choir students had choreographed their songs with winking and crooning. "They don’t care if you’re gay or lesbian. It was just miscommunication."

The Salt Lake Tribune
February 14, 2013


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