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Trans Community Delivers Petition to Los Angeles Times, Paper Agrees to Meeting about Trans Coverage

A group of local trans advocates are speaking out against the Los Angeles Times for an article about Cassidy Vickers, a transgender woman who was shot and killed in November 2011, titled "Slaying casts light on Hollywood's transgender prostitutes."
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Programming note: Illinois' top marriage equality opponent shows true agenda

Beginning tonight and continuing throughout next week, viewers across the Chicagoland area will get a chance to watch

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February 15, 2013

Illinois Media Short on Pro-LGBT Faith Voices, Fact-Checks

Illinois state senate approved a marriage equality bill on Valentine's Day, which now moves to the House. While IL media quoted lots of anti-gay voices of faith, very few pro-gay voices of faith were given a platform.

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Carlos De Avila was an early Long Beach gay leader

De Avila also is remembered as an early gay rights advocate, said Ron Sylvester, board chairman at the Center Long Beach. "Carlos was a pioneer," Sylvester said. "He was one of the first LGBT activists in our community. He wasn't ashamed or embarrassed to identify himself as a gay man."

The Long Beach Press-Telegram
February 15, 2013


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