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News that originates from and/or specifically impacts a local community, city, state, or region

SC legislature punishes colleges for assigning LGBT literature

South Carolina legislators cut funding to two colleges because the professors assigned LGBT-themed litaratre to freshmen to read. Despite attempts, the cuts have not been restored.

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Mississippi repackaging anti-LGBT "Religious Freedom Restoration" bill

The Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), or SB 2681, has dropped its language about religious freedom following a vote from the state's House yesterday, but a study committee has been formed "to investigate how to pass such a bill in the future," ThinkProgress reported.

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Corporations are rethinking sponsorship of Boston's exclusionary St. Patrick's Day Parade

The Boston Beer Company, which owns Sam Adams beer, has issued a statement on its sponsorship of the Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade. Boston Beer, like other sponsors have been pressured to speak out about the exclusion of LGBT organizations, like the LGBT Veterans for Equality.

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Locals rally to mourn slain Texas couple as new details come to light

While national mainstream outlets continue to lag in reporting on the story, Britney and Crystal's local community and grassroots groups are continuing tireless efforts to organize, to find answers.

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AZ Gov. Brewer's staff helped craft the anti-LGBT bill she later vetoed

E-mails released by Governor Jan Brewer reveal her legal counsel and policy director worked with the Center for Arizona Policy, the group behind the bill, "to make it more palatable to the Governor"

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VIDEO: Trans students' needs prioritized by nation's largest school district

The New York City Department of Education has issued a list of guidelines regarding best practices for meeting the needs of students who are transgender. But there is still more work to be done.

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