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October 7, 2011

Black Lesbians United Hosts 3rd Annual Retreat

This weekend, October 7-9, Black Lesbians United hosts their third annual retreat in Malibu, Calif.

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Binational Married Couple Faces Deportation

A gay Indonesian man fighting to remain in the U.S. with his American husband has been denied a reprieve from deportation — a decision that appears to contradict Obama administration promises that LGBT binational couples can be considered lower-priority cases among the nation’s 300,000 current deportation proceedings.
The Advocate
October 7, 2011

Story to Watch: NY Clerks Claim 'Discrimination'

GLAAD is asking constituents to keep an eye on the way the media is covering the story of some anti-gay town clerks in New York State.

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Story to Watch: Florida Media Should Tell the Full Story of Anti-LGBT Teacher Jerry Buell

The Florida teacher who posted anti-marriage messages to Facebook is taking his anti-gay rhetoric to the national stage. Jerry Buell, a currently employed public high school teacher at Mouth Dora High School, is known for taunting his students for their actual or perceived sexual orientation. Now he’s being featured in an anti-LGBT advertisement that undermines the relationships of gay and lesbian couples.

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