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GLAAD Works With Burke Burnett, Victim of Brutal Attack in Texas

On Sunday, October 30, in Reno, Texas, Burke Burnett was stabbed repeatedly with a broken beer bottle and thrown onto a fire. At the same time, 26-year-old Burke, who is openly gay, was taunted with numerous anti-gay slurs. "I was hurt really badly that night, emotionally and physically, but I didn't lose my life, and that's the most important thing," said Burke. GLAAD has been working closely with Burke to help him share his story with the media.

Three Arrested in Texas Anti-Gay Attack

Police in Texas arrested Daniel Martin, James Mitchell Laster and Micky Joe Smith in connection with an attack on openly gay Burke Bennett over the weekend. The suspects are being held on charges of aggravated assault.

November 3, 2011


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