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The relationship between transgender people and religious institutions

After months of searching and bouncing from church-to-church Clarissa finally found a spiritual home. She found a religious community that accepted her for who she was. For Clarissa, finding a church home was not about worship style, preaching, social activism or even theological stances on progressive issues such as the environment or acceptance of homosexuals. For Clarissa it was about being accepted as a woman.

Houston Chronicle
December 6, 2011

Topeka, KS City Council Rejects Domestic Partnerships

Ten speakers asked the Topeka City Council to establish a domestic partnership registry Tuesday evening, saying the move would strike a blow against inequality and show Topeka is a progressive city. But those arguments failed to sway a majority of the council, which voted 5-4 to reject the proposed ordinance.

Topeka Capital-Journal
December 1, 2011


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