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Amidst bomb threats and government pressure, LGBT Open Games kick off in Russia

The Russian Open Games have finally kicked off with Greg Louganis attending. However, the LGBT-inclusive sports festival has had to weather last-minute venue cancellations, a bomb threat, and threats from anti-LGBT politicians who urged the event to be shut down by the government.

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Judge rules Texas marriage ban unconstitutional, stays decision for appeal

A judge has ruled that Texas ban on marriage equality is unconstitutional. Citing last summer's Windsor Supreme Court ruling, United States District Judge Orlando Garcia of San Antonio said that the marriage ban violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

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Barney Frank, Steve Case, George Takei and more speak out against SB1062

Former Rep. Barney Frank, investor Steve Case, actor George Takei and CNN's LZ Granderson have all joined the voices urging Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's to veto Senate Bill 106.

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BREAKING: Referendum to repeal CA law protecting trans students failed to qualify for ballot vote

An attempt by anti-trans activists in California to qualify for a referendum vote on the state's newly enacted law protecting transgender students has failed.

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